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We are unable to arrange for a Campagna Cousins Reunion in 2013.
A date will be announced for the summer of 2014 well in advance to allow everyone to manage schedules and plan accordingly. Hopefully this will allow for a larger turnout next time.

IN SEATTLE, Summer of 2014.
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In 1890 Cosimo Campagna immigrated alone to New York City from Reggio Calabria, Italy at the age of 28. In 1892, Frank (45) Yellam (actually, it was Iellamo then), Teresa’s father, immigrated to New York City. In 1894 Teresa’s step-mother Vittoria (28) immigrated with Teresa (14) and her sister Stella, her brother Dominic, and half sisters, Rose and Jennie. Sometime before 1900, Teresa married Cosimo. They would eventually have nine children -- three, Frank, Joe and Larry were born in New York City -- and they all moved to Seattle, Washington with Frank and Vittoria and their children, and Dominic and Dominic’s wife Amelia Rose. There Frank became a self-employed baker and died in 1906. Vittoria died in 1908. Cosimo and Teresa lived on Beacon Hill in Seattle. Cosimo died in 1941 and Teresa died in 1978, at the age of 98.
Roccella Ionica, Italy

Of Cosimo’s and Teresa’s nine children, only Estelle Di Julio, now 97, survives. She and the children and the grandchildren of her brothers and sisters gather for reunions, sometimes in Seattle and environs, and sometimes in other places along the West Coast. Originally the reunion included only the first cousins, the grandchildren of Cosimo and Teresa. Now The Next Generation have been included.

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Marina at Roccella Ionica

Campagna Cousins mark your calendars! - CAMPAGNA COUSINS REUNION is set for AUGUST 2009, in Seattle, Washington.

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